2022 FoRB Ministerial

To propel continued advocacy, education and action, before during and after the July FoRB Ministerial, that together we may End The Persecution.

Our Mission

Whilst the FoRB Ministerial Conference in July 2022 will be a pivotal moment for the coordinated international efforts to end persecution on the basis of faith and belief, EndThePersecution exists to engage with constituents all across the UK. It’s important to recognise that learning, advocacy and education remain at the forefront of our efforts to end persecution on the basis of religion or belief. But no Parliamentarian or civil society group can tackle this issue on their own.

Our goals for this campaign are as follows:

  • To galvanise the next generation to champion FoRB as a key policy issue and human right
  • To engage with people from across the faith and belief spectrum to champion FoRB for all, as a non-exclusive right for all people
  • To build on efforts made by the APPG and UKFF to educate people on this foundational human right, notably through 100 FoRB Fringe events this summer
  • To encourage MPs from across the UK to engage with their constituents, encouraging their communities to advocate for

FoRB Ministerial 2022

The Ministerial to Advance Freedom of Religion or Belief invites foreign ministers, high officials and international organisations from all over the globe to discuss issues relating to FoRB and the implementation of this human right. Previous Ministerial conferences have taken place in the United States and in Poland, with the upcoming July 2022 conference taking place in London, UK. 

The US Ministerial in 2019 focused on reaffirming commitments made to promote FoRB in the public square, as well as produce concrete action for future positive outcomes. This included engaging with civil society, listening to presentations made my survivors of religious persecution and mobilizing faith leaders to support and enhance the conversation around the role of religion and belief in development and peacebuilding. 

The Polish Ministerial in 2020 focused on the role of technology and protection of FORB, especially amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and the hinderance that had been on some people’s right to freedom of religion or belief. The pandemic was often a catalyst of deep-rooted discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, meaning that this theme was especially key at the time. Based on the understanding that FoRB is a pillar for democracy, the second day of the Ministerial was entirely dedicated to engaging with the opinions and discussion had by wider civil society.  

The UK Ministerial in 2022 will be an opportunity for victims to share personal testimonies of their own experiences of persecution and restriction on religious freedoms. Through bringing attention to these individuals and their stories, as well as providing a space for governments, religious groups and civil society to come together to address FoRB on an international scale, we hope that July 2022 will be a key turning point for ending persecution. Furthermore, we want to engage the next generation to champion FoRB as a key human right for all. To do so, there will be a range of 100 events in and around the Ministerial, forming a FoRB Fringe that hopes to capture the need for all young people to advocate for FoRB and ending persecution. 

Further to this, there will be a series of Fringe events taking place in and around the conference. If you would like to register interest in hosting one of these events, please contact the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief

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